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Cheap bus for Berlin

Compare coaches from Ouibus, Flixbus, Isilines, Eurolines, or Alsa...
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Ouibus, Flixbus, Isilines or another bus?

This is the great question to ask before taking a bus ticket for Berlin. With the Sobus, you can compare ticket prices but mostly you can book directly online.

How go to Berlin by bus

Bus, train or carpooling ?

To go to Berlin, each transport has its advantages. The advantage of the bus, is that it's not expensive at all ... Sometimes a little faster, carpooling is nice if you want to talk, but if you would rather rest, you will be more quiet in the bus! Finally, trains can go even faster but they're generally more expensive. At Sobus, we like buses ... But it's your choice, so compare to make your choice !

What bus for Berlin?

No less than 11 bus companies can take you to Berlin: Flixbus, Eurolines, Ardatur, Regiojet, Comati, Sindbad, Estgdansk, Citybus, CityBusExpress, EST LOREK/EWHD, Union Ivkoni Ltd.

These buses have direct links to Berlin number from 262 cities. But through correspondences, not less than 33 possible bus tickets to get to Berlin. With a guarantee: allow you to find the cheapest bus.

How to buy your bus ticket for Berlin? After finding a cheap ticket, we recommend you book it on Sobus. It's simple, quick, and you can save money by buying the ticket earlier, thereofre ensuring you place because buses get easily full. And as Sobus compares prices for all buses, like Isilines, Flixbus or Ouibus, you will have the best selection and the best prices. In some operations, coupons or discounts allow you to make really cheap deals.

Your arrival

On your arrival in the city of Berlin, the bus stops in 22 bus stations:

Go to Berlin by cheap buses

All cheap bus trips for Berlin

Do you want to go by bus to Berlin but do not see the route you are looking for? No panic! Here are all the cheap bus trips for Berlin from the UK and Europe.