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Creation 1889 (one of the first bus companies in the world)
More 329,000,000 Passenger
Spanish company
16 Countries covered
8511 employees
2956 Bus

    • BusTrajet en bus
    • logo-alsaAlsa

    • WiFi
    • Sometimes

    • Power
    • Sometimes

    • Toilets
    • checkedchecked

    • AC
    • checkedchecked

    • E-ticket
    • checkedchecked
    • TicketBillet de bus pas cher
      Change / Cancel
    • With charge

    • Baggage
    • <30 kg

    • Child alone
    • Unknown

    • Animals
    • <10 kg

    • Bike
    • With charge

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What level of comfort of Alsa bus?

Alsa entire fleet is equipped with footrests and air conditioning, so you can enjoy the comfortable seats of the company.
According to the class corresponding to your ticket (Normal, Supra Economy, Premium, Eurobus, Supra or +), you can take advantage of extra space between the seats and get access to additional services (catering and babysitting, taken electrical, VIP lounge, headphones, etc.).

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Are reserved seats in the Alsa bus?

At Alsa, the seats are reserved. Sometimes places are defined in advance. In this case, your place number is displayed on your ticket. Make no mistake, the risk of pin with your neighbor early in the trip! If you do it well, however, you can probably negotiate and trade places if you are more "window" that "corridor";)

The Alsa bus they have WiFi?

At Alsa, WiFi is available free on most buses. So you can stay connected, enjoy your favorite websites and surf the Internet at will throughout your journey.

More information on WiFi in the Alsa bus

Are Alsa bus equipped with electrical outlets?

Please note, Eurobus and Normal classes Alsa bus does not include electrical outlets. Only Premium passenger bus, Supra and Supra + Economy will normally benefit. Be sure to charge your devices in advance if needed!

Are Alsa buses equipped with TV?

Tous les bus Alsa sont équipés d’Ociobus, la chaîne de télévision officielle de la compagnie. Comédies, dessins animés, derniers films à l’affiche ou programmes humoristiques, il y en a pour tous les goûts !

More information on Ociobus chain Alsa bus

There's there toilets in Alsa bus?

The vast majority of bus Alsa guidelines have available toilets.

Are children allowed to travel unaccompanied?

People under 18 are not allowed to travel on Alsa bus unaccompanied by an adult.

Are Alsa buses equipped to accommodate people with disabilities?

Most Alsa buses are accessible to people with disabilities. However we strongly recommend that you verify this before you book your ticket order not to have surprises for boarding! Just go to the website Alsa or contact +34 902 42 22 42.

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Should I print my tickets Alsa?

At Alsa, you do not need to print the tickets and that's good! When booking via, get your tickets in PDF format. You can choose to print or displayed on your mobile to the person who will make you embark, the main thing being to have you on the reference of your booking.

More information on to your boarding the bus Alsa

What identification documents do I need to travel with Alsa?

If you reside in the Schengen area, a national ID card or a valid passport is sufficient. But do not forget them!
If you do not reside within the Schengen area, please have your valid passport and necessary visas potential by country of destination (information to be obtained from the embassy or consulate).

How much time should I arrive before the start?

For domestic trips, arrive approximately 30 minutes before the departure of your bus. When traveling on an international line, Alsa advised to allow at least 2 hours in advance.

What is the maximum size of luggage for Alsa bus?

At Alsa, there is no maximum size! Just make sure that your luggage does not exceed 30kg for domestic trips, and 25kg for international journeys.
Do not forget also to attach labels with your name and address on your luggage so that they remain identifiable throughout the journey.

More information on luggage with Alsa bus

Do I bring my pet?

Unfortunately, our friends the animals can not travel with the bus passengers. Alsa can however carry an animal less than 10kg per trip in the baggage compartment. The cost of the trip is 50% of the ticket price. So be sure in advance from Alsa your dog, your cat, rabbit or miniature goats can be transported!

Do I change / cancel my ticket?

The Alsa tickets are modifiable and cancellable without charge until 48 hours before departure. To change or cancel your ticket, please contact us at .

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We invite you to contact us at : we respond within 24 hours.

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