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+ 60 million already transported passengers
Not to be confused with Flexibus
100,000 daily connections
private company Germany
Megabus redemption in 2016
1000 destinations
Creation 2013
20 countries

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    • logo-flixbus

    • WiFi
    • checkedchecked

    • Power
    • checkedchecked

    • Toilets
    • checkedchecked

    • AC
    • checkedchecked

    • E-ticket
    • checkedchecked
    • TicketBillet de bus pas cher
      Change / Cancel
    • With charge

    • Baggage
    • 1 hand + 1 travel

    • Child alone
    • From 10 years

    • Animals

    • Bike
    • With charge

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The comfort of Flixbus

Flixbus is a new company and therefore has a beautiful fleet of coaches. The space between the seats allows you to stretch your legs but if you are a basketball player or a top model, it does not promise you anything. The seats are reclining on all buses, with adjustable footrest.

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Are reserved seats in Flixbus?

At Flixbus, the seats are reserved and placement is free. Rather window? Rather corridor? If you arrive early enough, you can choose :)

Are Flixbus equipped with WiFi?

At Flixbus, all buses are normally equipped with free WiFi. So you can stay connected, enjoy your favorite websites and surf the Internet at will throughout your journey.

Are Flixbus equipped with electrical outlets?

All Flixbus are normally equipped with electrical outlets so you can charge your cell phone or laptop. Sobus recommend still to recharge the batteries of your electronic devices in advance to avoid disappointment!

Are Flixbus equipped with toilets?

All Flixbus is normally equipped with toilet.

Are children allowed to travel unaccompanied?

Minors over 10 years can travel alone with Flixbus on national lines, direct and day, but must buy a permit to travel alone, duly completed and signed by their legal representative or guardian.

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The company Flixbus she offers assistance to people with disabilities?

Flixbus offers to people with disabilities situation to contact at the latest 36 hours before the journey at +33 (1) 763 60 412 to report a collapsible wheelchair, a guide dog or a companion. Just remember to take your disability card with specification of the need for support when boarding the bus.

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Do I have to print my tickets?

No, it is not necessary to print your ticket for travel. It should be against by having an electronic version of the bill. The PDF that you receive email suitable.

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Do I need identification documents to travel with Flixbus?

An ID valid (national identity card, passport, residence permit, etc.) for your ticket is required to board the Flixbus. Also consider the travel documents that may be required on international routes (visa, exit permit, passport, etc.).

How much time should I arrive before the start?

Flixbus recommend you arrive at the boarding at least 15 minutes before departure of your bus.

What is the maximum size of luggage for Flixbus?

You can take with you, and free, 1 carry-on and checked baggage 1 per passenger. Hand luggage must have dimensions smaller than 42 x 30 x 18 cm and weigh 7kg maximum. Do not panic, there is more tolerance in the plane.
The checked luggage must be less than 80 x 50 x 30 cm and weigh up to 20kg.

Can I bring my pet?

For security reasons, Flixbus does not accept the transport of animals except guide dogs accompanying visually impaired or hard of hearing (which must be declared 36 hours later with the hotline Flixbus). Our friends cats and dogs must therefore generally stay home.

Do I change / cancel my ticket?

The Flixbus tickets are cancelable or modifiable with costs. The exact amount of these fees is indicated when booking on the website of Sobus.

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