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About Blablacar

BlaBlaCar is the world leader in carpooling. The website connects drivers and passengers on the same trip to share costs among travelers. Now BlaBlaCar has more than 40 million members in 22 countries around the world.

About Blablacar

BlaBlaCar is the world leader in carpooling. The website connects drivers and passengers on the same trip to share costs among travelers. Now BlaBlaCar has more than 40 million members in 22 countries around the world.

Before booking with BlaBlaCar

Is there a minimum age to use BlaBlaCar?

To create a BlaBlaCar account and reserve on the platform, you must be over 18 years of age. It is possible to travel being a minor by booking your trip from the account of a person of legal age being a Blablacar user. But this requires the following conditions:

  • the young person must be more than 13 years old to travel alone, and if he is under 13 years old he will have to be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian throughout the journey

  • obtain the approval of the driver on Blablacar’s website

  • precisely determine the starting point and arrival in advance on Blablacar’s website before departure

  • the young person must be recovered upon arrival of the trip.

Are animals allowed with BlaBlaCar ?

It depends on the conditions set by each driver on the Blablacar website. Be careful before booking your journey.

Can I smoke while traveling with BlaBlaCar?

Again, each driver applies their own rules. Some accept smokers while others don’t.

Ai-je besoin de mes papiers d’identité au moment d’un covoiturage Blablacar ?

A driver is entitled to refuse taking you if you do not have an ID at the time of the trip. A Blablacar driver was once sentenced for accepting undocumented people in their vehicle. We therefore advise you to bring one.

Can we cancel the reservation?

  • 1. Go to the page Bookings on the website of BlaBlaCar

  • 2. Login

  • 3. Select the route in question and click on "See trip"

  • 4. Click on Cancel and choose the motive from the drop-down list.

Is the money returned in case of cancellation?

The amount of the refund in case of cancellation varies according to the situation.

  • More than 24 hours before departure : the total amount is refunded, except for booking expenses.

  • Less than 24 hours before departure : 50% of the amount will be refunded, excluding reservation costs.

  • I do not show up on the day of departure : there is no possible refund.

  • The driver did not appear on the day of departure : you should make a claim directly on Blablacar’s website (select the route once connected to the site) within 24 hours after the scheduled departure time. If the driver is at fault, the amount is reimbursed in full.

What is the difference between Blablacar and Blablalines?

Unlike Blablacar, which allows you to make long distance journeys in carpooling, Blabla Lines has been created to make your daily commute easier. Finding a carpool to get to work or school has never been easier.

Is Blablacar really cheaper than the bus or the train?

First, it is important to look at the places of departure and arrival with Blablacar. In fact, it is likely that the directions selected by the driver do not necessarily suit you. Is a Blablacar still interesting when you have to take an Uber or a train to get to the right direction? Therefore, it is important to keep this point in mind when calculating the price of your carpool. On the side of the bus, there are no surprises to predict. Bus stations are often in the center of the city and are easily accessible by public transport.

A few words about BlaBlaCar

In 2006, Frédéric Mazzella bought the carpool website Later, he created the company Comuto, which sells vehicle sharing solutions for companies that allows to offer a free vehicle sharing service to employees. This mode of transport is increasingly popular, therefore Comuto launched a version 2.0, optimized and easy to use in 2008. That same year becomes the most used car sharing platform in France. Only two years later, a mobile application is available for iPhone and Android and the Spanish version is released. They reached 700,000 users in August 2010 and 3 months later, they reach maximum activity during the long strikes of the bus and train sector.

They reached a million members in 2011, while the service in English version of was launched under the name of which was finally adopted to standardize the network, and meanwhile Comuto began offering trips to Italy, Portugal, Poland, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Belgium and Germany. Blablacar continued its international expansion in Russia and India, through acquisitions of its competitors such as Autohop and Rides. In 2017, Blablacar launched yet another company, BlaBlaLines, which seeks to help people to share cars over short distances (home work trips, for example).

Compare Blablacar with the bus

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